I do not know why many Internet users insist on using the Internet Download Manager software known as the IDM shortcut, although there are many others, the program is free and its price is about $ 24.95. There are a lot of files that users upload daily. I will put more than one program to download from the Internet and complete the download in the event of interruption of the Internet, or the possibility to pause the download in short all the advantages of the dowload manager, only the difference in the name of the program. Some users may think that IDM does accelerate downloads, but you should know that the download depends on the speed of the Internet you own, and no matter
what happens, the software will not make that speed higher than the predefined limit of the company


 All the programs I will offer are free, so you will not search for dictionaries, kijin or serial to make the program as complete as it is known, and as we mentioned before in many lessons that the free programs give you many of the features that make you already acquire them, it is complete and does not work Any efforts and research to make them work fully, and you can update at any time of the program. These are eight free programs you can download any of them and experience and I think you will not feel the difference between them and the Internet DunlodManager, and if you use the Internet program without IDM IDM to download YouTube, these programs also allows you to download video from YouTube, and you can watch lessons Download from YouTube either through sites, programs or add - ons for Firefox and is also free. Do you want to download files from the Internet on the computer at high speed, we monitor you the most powerful programs to download files from the Internet on the computer and from which can download all types of files, whether games or videos and audio and compressed files or programs easily on the computer, This program helps you to download all files from the Internet easily without the need to experience various programs that do not come with results most often, the site of computer programs D to you most prominent of these programs to help download files with ease of Internet sites.